My 10,000 steps through downtown Salt Lake City focused on using photography to document my path through the city. Below are just of few of the photos I took throughout the walk.

Photos taken at each one-point perspective I traveled into.

I began this walk without any sort of idea of route. This offered open opportunities for anything to happen and I was excited about this.  Right away I started to notice my surroundings more without a sense of direction.  Below I have listed instances when my walk offered my a chance to talk with people and get to know Salt Lake a little better.

I was under an alleyway taking a photo when a younger kid came up to me and asked my what camera I was shooting on.  He was holding a camera as well.  After talking with him for a little bit and explaining my walking exercise he asking if I wanting to join him in climbing the roof to get a higher vantage point for photos.  I was in a particularly adventurous mood because of the walk and decided to follow him up the fire escape of the building just under the walker center.

I thought it was very interesting how easily you can meet a stranger and share an exciting experience with them in less than 10 minutes.  I am happy to know that this experience would not have happen had I not been on the public street walking. I have come to understand the intimacy and attention walking offers. I normally drive in Salt Lake City but after even just a few hours of walking in the city I was impressed with how many things I have never noticed before but have driven past for years.
The final solution above shows a timeline of my walk made out of the buildings I passed at each step marker. This offers a new way of viewing a walk. Here I began to understand the context of my walk without a "map" in the traditional sense or grid of the city plan, you are able to conceptualize the layout of SLC based on time and a skyline made of perspective photography. 

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